October 18 - 20, 2020

RTM Northeast Innovation Engage

Purposeful Leadership and Digital Integration

George Couros

Leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning.

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Northeast Innovation Engage

Purposeful Leadership and Digital Integration

More learning experiences are available to students now than ever before, in and out of the school building. This creates unprecedented opportunities to innovate, but also a wide range of challenges for District Leaders. As classrooms go digital, leaders gauge the impact upon student achievement and graduation rates. In school district central offices, culture is set at the senior cabinet level and has a cascading effect on staff and students. Department collaboration is key to breaking down silos and pulling off large-scale initiatives.

School security and safety are paramount to creating the right learning environment. Academics and Technology departments are striving to comply with student data privacy standards while granting access to new tools and cloud-based content. This is a challenge that many districts are still struggling to overcome.

Large scale technology overhauls, implementations and Personalized Learning efforts are currently enabled by partnerships. The success of these initiatives hinges on how well districts can leverage the wealth of their data while making sure that their teaching and learning are remaining student-centric.

The RTM Northeast Innovation Engage connects not only individual district leaders from across the country, but entire district leadership teams. The forum enables Department heads to collaborate on new modes of instructional delivery and coaching. Departments must align their efforts to better prepare students for college, careers and life. District leaders are sharing their ideas in an effort to provide equitable access to resources for all.

The opportunity to engage with other innovative district leaders from across the country and learn how they are tackling digital integration is an invaluable experience for executive level attendees. In order to truly transform education for digital natives, district leaders must collaborate at a high level to improve outcomes. Our goal is to deliver a PD experience that is engaging and empowering.

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The RTM Northeast Innovation Engage was created by a demand in the current K-12 education market space to be able to reach top level district leaders and move the industry forward.